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AIC offers a variety of services to help you and your family at home.



PC Repair


Our knowledgeable technicians can help stabilize your PC and return it to its original high performance. By performing a few comprehensive scans, AIC will identify the issue and offer a solution. Having served tons of residents and PC users across Long Island, we are confident we can provide the best support and help correct all your computer needs. While in some instances we may recommend a new PC, we can help transfer you data so that all your information and files are never lost.




Home Entertainment


Turn any room in your house into a hi-tech wireless paradise by mounting your television on the wall and hiding the cable and audio wires that connect to it. By eliminating the sloppy mess of wires and mounting your television, you can easily  turn any room into an artistic display for you and your guest to enjoy viewing. Take it a step further and add a surround sound system, or sound bar to upgrade your audio and now you have a complete home entertainment theater in your very own home. Our technicians run organized and neat, non-visible direct lines to ensure the strongest possible connection and signal to each of your electronic devices.  




Multi-Room Audio


Multi-Room audio allows you to fill your home with music like never before – your music can literally follow you around the house. For the first time, you can have a unified, multi-part system which will play your favorite radio station in the kitchen, music for your guest in the living room and play songs from your digital music libraries, CDs and radio in any other room of the house. You can start off with a basic 4-zone system and keep adding more rooms to create a versatile music system with considerable benefits.




Video Surveillance


Video Surveillance systems are a must for every family, home, or home business.  It brings security and convenience hand-in-hand and to top it off, it comes at an affordable price if you already have internet access in your home. Now you can monitor your home, child or pet by using an app on your phone that is paired with the system  and clear digital images can be transmitted over the internet, in real-time anywhere you have an internet connection.

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